Trying not to make this awkward

This already seems sort of awkward to me. I don’t know what I should talk about. Is it kind of like a first date where I tell you about me and hope I don’t sound too weird or spazzy?
I’m a 20 something mom to two boys. I run a small (at this point very small) business out of my home. You can check it out here if you’re curious:
That’s sort of why I started this blog. Social media is supposed to be kind of a big deal for businesses. Plus I have a million cute photos of my kids just taking up space on my hard drive so I thought I might as well share them with the Internet.
This little business of mine is supposed to grow into something bigger. The plan is to have the husband eventually leave his job so that we can be one of  those annoying couples who work together and still like each other.
We have these two little boys who are pretty much our whole world and neither of us really wants to be away from them long enough to act like grown-ups and go to work. Oh, and we’re soon going to have one more little boy…in about seven weeks (33 weeks pregnant this Saturday). That’s a lot of boy in one house. Parents–you know the drill. Lots of discussions involving poop, gas (of all kinds), volcanoes, tornadoes, construction equipment, repeat. That’s normal, right? So yeah, we’re a little crazy to be starting over again while at the same time starting a new business with two little cavemen under the age of five running around. Life is funny.
Please feel free to read often if you like kids. Or if you don’t like kids but you like awkward stories about kids. Or small businesses. Or if you like randomness. Or when you need something to do while standing in line at Starbucks behind That Person with the most complicated coffee order ever.
Not an awkward first date. Just an awkward photo aboard the Polar Express.

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