Inspiration around us

I love pretty things.


Last summer my husband and I had a date night. We had a babysitter, wine, a dinner that included sitting in chairs while we ate AND we even had cloth napkins. It was kind of a big deal.  Anyway, we first went to Anthropologie where I bought a few bars of French soap. Not because they smelled delicious–because they really did–but because the packaging was so stunning I needed to bring home some of the prettiness that is Mistral soap.

This week I started working on a nursery print design which would feature my son’s–who is due in six weeks (eeeeek)–birth stats. After completing the first draft I realized my use of colors and shapes had been inspired by that bar of  soap I had stared at all summer.  I came up with a few different color schemes which are now featured in my shop. (Lena, by the way, is the name we were gong to name baby Haakon until we found at he is a boy. I was 200 percent positive we were going to have a girl and we settled on her name the day I got my positive pregnancy test.) Yay for triple boys.

HAAKON lena photo 4 (3) photo 5 (2)



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