Things Dads Hate and Little Boys Love


These guys look like little angels, right? And sometimes they are little angels. But sometimes they are not. Like yesterday, when I came home from work and found them standing in several inches of muddy water in the front yard with the hose going full blast. After surveying the scene, it became apparent that they had teamed up to check all the boxes on the “Things Daddy Hates To See When He Comes From Work” list. Hose set to fire hydrant mode? Check. Standing water in the front lawn? Check. Piles of wet clothes strewn about the yard? Check.  Muddy footprints leading into and throughout the house? Check. Small piles of tortilla chips(?!) distributed randomly around the yard and in the house? Check.  Television on but no one watching? Check. No babysitter in sight? Check. Nice work boys.   



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