Getting Ready

As a self-employed stay at home mom preparing for our little boy has so far consisted of developing new products and designs in hopes that by 37 weeks along the shop will be fully stocked.
I’ve added several new prints and mobiles this week and will continue to add new items for the next several weeks. My goal is to have 100 or so items listed by mid-June.
But Labor classes? Nope. (I had a c-section with Stellan and I’m hoping for a VBAC this time so it’s just a little lame I haven’t done anything to prepare for the actual labor part of this adventure but I have the most awesome doctor that I absolutely trust and adore so if she helps me deliver I could be okay with being unprepared)
Unpacking baby clothes/blankets/bottles? Um, soon?
Moving the boys out of the baby’s room and into their downstairs bedroom/playroom? Someday.
(Our Stellan nugget on his first night home from the hospital and possibly the only night he ever slept in the crib that Marshal built just for him.)
When I got pregnant this time I was certain I’d be prepared before the due date approached. Baby would not spend his first year sleeping in The Pack and Play (Nolan and Stellan may have spent their first TWO years in a “portable crib” due to space constraints and a unique living situation in which all four of us shared a room at times). He’d have his own dresser, a changing table (!!!), even his own bedroom. Yeah, not so much.  The boys have taken over his room, newborn clothes are in storage, and Stellan has reclaimed the crib. Which is why Marshal took the week off to finish up–or start–some of the projects that needed to be addressed.
Top priority is getting the boys out of Haakon’s room and into their own. Painting commenced yesterday and today after preschool Nolan generously offered to help.
The only thing is painting may not be Nolan’s thing. He wasn’t very interested in actually learning how to paint. But, he’s four and a half years old so he’s not real interested in learning how to do things, he just wants to do things. So we spent about 15 minutes making a mess with paint, then he went outside to pester Stellan, play in the sandbox, fly his glider, and apply a thick coating of unnecessary sunblock.
We’re only halfway through the week and we’re making progress on the room and built new seating outside for summer dinners and wine nights. Finishing two projects in the same week feels like kind of a big deal.

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