Here’s to You, Cupcake


This is really more an ode to cupcake wrappers–especially the ones I stared at for an hour last week while waiting for my laundry to finish its cycle. Stellan has an obsession with the washing machine and will sit through an entire wash cycle watching it spin and empty and fill back up again with ‘dirty bubbles.’ If I try to leave the laundry room in the middle of a cycle he body slams me. My baby boy bully. He’s pretty strong for a 2 year old and usually wins the battle. After a few futile attempts to bribe him with “sucky eaters” (lollipops) I gave up and sat against the wall for the next 43 minutes staring at a package of blue cupcake wrappers I bought last summer. I really liked the blue gradient and thought why not turn this into something pretty?


So I came up with this.




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