Summer. Is. Here.

Memorial Day. The beginning of summer! Five weeks until the baby is here! Lots to do! Nolan and Stellan and I spent the morning at the neighborhood skate-park. Nolan has developed an obsession with skateboarding and it’s great because it’s the only thing I have ever seen him do for more than a few minutes at a time (other than playing with trucks and tractors, of course). We went to the skate park last night and even though most of the kids skating were probably in their late teens, Nolan wasn’t intimidated or frustrated at all. Our little ripper!

We spent the weekend painting the boys room, but we still have a lot left to do, more late nights this week. I think Marshal mentioned in an earlier blog post that we have a finished basement which consists of a large open space, the laundry room and a storage closet. We are moving the boys downstairs within the next few weeks and have slowly been accumulating/building furniture to complete the space. It’s going to be a combination playroom/bedroom with a little tv cove for lounging. Over the weekend we found some cute wicker twin beds for the boys at a yard sale down the street. They look identical to these:


Image via here

I’m really inspired by this classic modern nautical look as well as this vintage nautical boys room:


Those flags make me super happy. We are working on what will probably be an entirely too long blog post on plans for all boys’ bedrooms as well as before and after photos.

We are grilling pizza on the BBQ for dinner, and ice cream sundaes are most likely happening.


(Source via here)

Summer is definitely here!



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