For little aviators

Whenever we are drafting new ideas or designing something we first think about whether or not this is something we would use in our own home. Then we of course consider whether someone else would use this idea in their home.
Enter the nursery mobile.
The words “nursery mobile” always had a certain stigma attached to it for me. It wasn’t ever something I could get super excited about. Then I had kids and realized I’ve entered a world where my preferences are a distant second to the little men I work for. Plus, babies like to be entertained.  I started exploring options and I immediately found myself thinking “OK. No one told me these dangling little nursery decoration things could be such a delight.” I love that with wide range of materials the possibilities are unique and modern and almost always customizable.
This weekend Marshal had the genius idea to combine mediums and create an airplane mobile out of wood and cardstock. Here’s the thing about these cute little airplanes: they are adorable and visually stimulating and whimsical for babies but they are sophisticated enough to grow with your little aviator as he transitions from a nursery to a toddle room. The combination of wood, which provides a natural, organic aesthetic, with thick brightly colored cardstock adds a touch of modern to the timeless airplane theme.
photo 5 (7)

These little airplanes are just waiting to be assembled and will be up in the shop later this week.
photo 4 (8)


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