DIY Fourth of July Star Garland

fourth of july
In the Northwest it has always seemed like summer doesn’t actually begin until the Fourth of July. That’s when the June gloom ends and outdoor swimming stars and barbecues become a nightly occasion. When I young my parents hosted super fun Fourth of July parties. My dad would take my brothers, sister and I to Washington (Oregon has strict laws regarding firework sales) to buy the really cool high-in-the sky exploding fireworks. We would get up early, jump in the car and listen to some Credence Clearwater as we crossed the Washington border for our pick of epic fireworks for that night’s party. Fourth of July was like Summer’s version of Christmas. I don’t anticipate visiting another state for explosives with my toddlers just yet, so for now we are keeping things more low key and celebrating the holiday with lots of decorations and yummy foods.

Our first project is this DIY star garland:diy star garland

1. Select cardstock in desired colors and cut stars out using a paper punch. Our stars are about 1.5″ in diameter so for about 12 feet of garland we used four pieces of heavy cardstock.
photo 1 (11)

photo 1 (12)

Using a sewing machine start feeding the stars through in any order you desire. You can keep the colors more random or use a pattern of red, white and blue. Once the garland is hanging the colors all blend together so it doesn’t matter too much.
photo 3 (12)
Once you’ve sewn your desired length of garland cut the string, leaving about 6 inches of extra thread for hanging. The garland is festive and stunning hung vertically or horizontally. Use as a table runner, gift wrap or drape over lanterns.
photo 1 (13)

photo 2 (12)
If DIY isn’t your thing we have garlands available in the shop!
photo 4 (11)


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