Ice Cream Garland

stellan turns 2
For Stellan’s second birthday last summer we had an ice cream buffet/dessert table for our little monkey instead of a traditional birthday cake. The theme was Curious Stellan turns two so of course a banana split buffet was necessary. I made ice cream cone streamers/garlands to hang above the dessert table. They were super last minute so I needed something fast, simple, and doable with supplies I already had. All you need is cardstock in desired colors, a circle punch (any size works depending on how large or small or you want your “scoops of ice cream” to be), scissors, a glue stick and some ribbon/twin/fishing line.
ice cream diy

1. Punch circles from cardstock

2. Using scissors cut triangular shapes with the widest portion of the triangle being at least the same width as your circles.

3. Arrange 7-8 circles in a row vertically, with each circle slightly overlapping the one above.

4. Using glue stick apply a thin strip of glue to the top of each circle and paste to the circle above. Do the same for your triangular piece, which should be glued to the top of the bottom circle to replicate an ice cream cone effect.

5. With a push pin poke a hole at the top of first circle and string fishing line/ribbon/twine through for hanging.

6. Hang and enjoy.

Also, I have two quick tips for hosting an outdoor ice cream party. One, ours was in August so heat was a factor and to further complicate things the party was at a park about 25 minutes from our house. To keep the ice cream frozen we packed a few coolers with dry ice and even in August that kept it solid and frozen. Secondly, it really helped to have the ice cream pre-scooped. We used muffin pans (and made the mistake of lining them with cupcake liners but the ice cream stuck to the liners so skip cupcake wrappers or use sturdy cardboard wrappers) and scooped a large spoonful of ice cream into each spot so that when it came time to serve everyone we just transferred each scoop to a dish. It was fast so people could grab their bowls and start dishing up toppings.


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