Another DIY–Stars and Moon Nursery Mobile

photo 2 (23)
I kind of have a lot of fun with moveable paper art, specifically mobiles and garlands. They can be an easy way to add a special touch and personality to a nursery, playroom, or even birthday party, shower, wedding, photo shoots, etc. For Stellan’s “Sleep Under the Stars” birthday party coming up I’m working on a bunch of simple decorations to bring some whimsy and magic to his third birthday. I was able to make this DIY mobile one afternoon with Stellan’s help and I thought if I can do this in an hour with the help of my very busy little monkey then it just might be a DIY worthy tutorial.
photo 5 (15)
Materials: Cardstock, circle craft punch, star craft punch, sewing machine, circular base (quilters loop works well) and fishing line.
photo 1 (22)
1. Cut out shapes using the star and circle paper punch. Obviously the stars are pretty straightforward. Cut and set aside. For the moons you begin using a circle punch (any size) and cut roughly 30 circles.
photo 2 (22)
2. After the circles have been cut place each circle back into the paper punch so that it is about halfway inserted. Cut circle in half, which results in a crescent shape.
photo 4 (18)
3. Feed shapes through sewing machine. Each strand has 8-9 shapes. I like to use varying lengths for visual interest but you can make them as long or as short as you’d like. I used a total of 12 strings for a 12 inch round base.
4. Tie strings onto mobile’s base and cut any loose thread.
5. Tie four pieces of fishing line, thread, or twine on the base of the base of the mobile to create an anchor for hanging from the ceiling.
photo 4 (19)
photo 3 (22)

photo 2 (23)


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