Kid/Toddler Friendly Fourth of July Breakfast

Full disclosure: This post is pretty much a tribute to sugar disguised as breakfast foods. We have two crazy toddler boys and common sense dictates that you don’t feed toddlers sugar for breakfast, so why did I just track down an entire collage of breakfast foods featuring frosting and sugar and other yummy ingredients. Maybe rules don’t apply on holidays and eating Funfetti cupcakes for breakfast is okay, especially if they go by the alias of Funfetti muffins. I’m positive muffins are a breakfast food. Keep in mind that a lot of the ingredients can be substituted with healthier options. Instead of whipped cream or frosting you could use greek yogurt and instead of sprinkles you could opt for red and blue berries. Sprinkles are prettier, though. I know Marshal will read this and shake his head while wondering why won’t I learn. For his sake I threw in a yogurt and berry option. It looks pretty but it’s definitely too healthy to make an appearance on the fourth.
Patriotic Donuts:

Firecracker pancakes:

Red, white and blue muffins:

Breakfast Shortcake Muffic:

Fourth of July Breakfast Parfait:

Sprinkled red white and blue cinnamon rolls:


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