A whole lot of this

photo 1 (29)
Lots of snuggles with this little guy has been happening the past two weeks. I kind of like it a whole lot. I am usually in my bedroom with Haakon sprawled across my chest or lengthwise across my stomach and while he eats I get to stare at him and smell his perfect baby smell and rub my cheek on his soft head while sometimes reading a blog or even writing an email if I’m having a “productive” day.
photo 2 (27)
Meanwhile Marshal is feeding the boys, cleaning up messes, managing meltdowns and toddler fights and possibly dismantling nuclear weapons (I haven’t asked). I love my quiet time with Haakon but when the quiet time adds up to several hours spread throughout the day I start to feel anxious about how to handle three kids and a business and maintain my own sanity. Plus, right now is the “easy” part because Marshal is home. I’m used to seeing moms walk around the store, or community center or park with one or two kids holding her hand or pushing strollers while having her little one strapped to her chest in a back back while at the same time breastfeeding. Is that real life?!! How does that happen. I am really trying to get this whole parenthood and adulthood thing down. For a minute I thought I had it figured out with two kids. But, no, not so much. Probably you never really figure it all out and probably that is okay.
Also, this happened for lunch today:
photo (17)
I am more than okay with it. Now marshal will know why there is peanut butter all over the keyboard. He really likes when I do stuff like that.


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