that time we ran out of sugar…

Yesterday the volume and speaker on my phone stopped working. Today our washing machine broke mid-cycle. This morning Marshal found mold in the wall where Nolan had pealed off the plaster. This afternoon while trying to write an email I discovered the “H” and the “C” keys on my computer keyboard don’t type. And tonight, I had planned to post a shop update with all the new stuff I’ve been working on. Then Photoshop erased my document. I decided the only way to fix to my terrible horrible no good very bad day was with this recipe for the very best chocolate chip cookies.
It turns out we don’t have sugar. Like ANY sugar. Or butter. And I just found out that Marshal doesn’t like butterscotch. It’s like he doesn’t have taste buds.
So…. Wine and bed. In that order.


Hunt and Gather

The internet. We spend a lot of time together and it never fails to supply me with a daily abundance of eye candy. I pretend it’s time well spent when three or four clicks later I get to electronically stumble into cool artisan/indie/independent storefronts full of original designs, inspiration and handmade creativity. It seems like almost every day I find something new that I love/want/and/or fill my up my pinterest boards with. It’s an endless cycle of hunting down shops, photos, styling concepts, tutorials, inspiration and gathering them up to save for future reference. Every week I’ll share one of my favorites in our new hunt and gather feature. At the very least it will make me feel more justified in the amount of time the internet and I spend together. This week I’m loving the work of Swedish shop and blog Fine Little Day. Their original art prints and whimsical textiles stay true to the timeless elements of Scandinavian design while still managing to be fresh and modern. I love that their designs are kid friendly and would fit in any little one’s nursery but can grow with baby and make the transition to a big kids room. Or a grown-up’s for that matter. I’d love to give and/or receive every item from this cute little shop.







Glittery Goodness: DIY Argyle Glitter Garland

Mint and polka dot walls seem to be showing up everywhere. The Kate Spade inspired glittery pattern (in my mind Kate Spade brought polka dots back my freshman year of high school and I’ve been obsessed since) works for boy or girl, kids or grown ups. Playroom. Bedroom. Maybe someday boardroom (at least a pretty accent wall would make boring work meetings more aesthetically pleasing).

The gold polka dots and red bunting in this trendy little nursery inspired me to combine the two.

mint nursery with gold polkadot accents
This is what I came up with:
Glittery Diamond garland
I started by picking cardstock in mint, light pink, medium pink and gold. I added drops of craft glue in a random pattern to each piece of cardstock and sprinkled with copper colored glitter.
Shake off remaining/extra glitter and allow to dry.
Once dry I used a square craft punch to cut the pieces for my diamond argyle garland. (I sell a non-glittery version in my shop here).
Start sewing diagonally (for a diamond shape or horizontally for a square/flag shaped garland) until you have your desired length.
Then quickly and frantically clean up your glitter so you can blame the mess on your little ones. (That excuse also works for melted chocolate chips being smashed into the carpet, I’ve heard.)





It’s never too early for halloween candy…or free halloween printables

I got to go to Costco last week. When I say “got to” I am only being slightly sarcastic because it really is a struggle to go there when Marshal is off work. For some reason he never wants spend an hour circling their parking lot for a spot with me and then another hour standing in line behind flatbeds full of cheesecake and laundry detergent. Rude. Since I was there without kids I wandered around for a while and then I saw this:

halloween candy halloween candy1
I was only a little excited to see Halloween candy displays in August. I kind of really love Halloween. On another random note I saw this really cute candy corn! garland on Pinterest and I’m pretty sure I have to make it. It is one of seven candy corn Halloween decorating ideas from here:
Because retailers are already getting into the candy spirit I felt inspired to start thinking about Halloween at home. Since this will be our first year in our “All-ours-because-we-bought-it-and-I-still-can’t believe-it!” home I want to do Halloween big this year. (I might have started pinning Halloween décor inspiration last spring on our Pinterest account.) I’m working on some festive Halloween garlands to feature in our shop but in the meantime I designed a quick Halloween free printable.
halloween  printable
Just click below, print and hang.
Because…who isn’t afraid of monsters in their basement?

Do you see what I see

One of the things I like so much about geometric shapes is their ability to be versatile and abstract. A circle is a circle but with imagination and a little paper manipulation it can be transformed into other objects, albeit abstract and open to interpretation. I was working on these garlands this weekend and couldn’t get mini beach balls out of my mind.

beachball2 beachball5 beachball6
Maybe it’s the mix of colors but they remind me so much of summer backyard barbecues and pool parties.
When I was a kid those little beach balls were scattered all over my grandma’s yard until chores were finished and we were finally allowed to remove the pool cover and toss our balls into the pool for dodge ball.
These little triangles I had originally planned to transform into tribal arrows which I’ve been seeing in prints, bedding, curtains and wallpaper.
I wanted to create a fun tactile version of the popular arrow design and as I was hanging up my finished prototype I thought about how much they reminded me of paper airplanes. triangle4
Or, with festive colors and patterns the paper airplanes are suddenly transformed into Christmas trees. They’d make cute tree garlands or if hung vertically they’d be perfect as ornaments, party garlands or window decorations.
With summer coming to an end and signs of autumn starting to appear (pumpkin spice latte comes out next month!) I can’t wait to play around with other shapes and colors and make something pretty and festive for fall and Halloween. Check out our shop for seasonal and holiday items.

Party of five: 50 things about us

pumpkin patch photo
We met at the gym.
She pretended not to have a crush on him. He pretended not to notice.
She swore she would never co-sleep with any of her kids.
We can’t sleep without haakon next to us.
We feed our kids chicken nuggets and quesadillas more frequently than we probably should.
We have a bad habit of eating their leftover chicken nuggets and quesadillas more frequently than we probably should.
He cringes when they drag dirt and mud into the house.
She’s willing to look the other way.
They like to throw food. A lot.
We like to eat food. A whole lot.
She struggles with a serious sugar addiction.
They, too, are fighting the addiction.
Nolan and Stellan are each other’s best friend.
They can also be each other’s worst enemy.
Nolan will eat anything.
Stellan barely eats at all.
Nolan is friends with everyone.
Stellan doesn’t like “the kids.”
He builds special forts and spends many hours playing with our boys in their fort.
They can’t help but knock it over.
Every morning they wake us up at 6 am. Every morning we hate it.
Our special breakfast used to be pancakes.
Now it’s blueberry pancakes.
She buys coconut shampoo because it smell like Hawaii.
She secretly hopes it will convince him to want to go soon.
He secretly hopes she will come to her senses.
She doesn’t want to grow up.
He became an adult the year she was born.
It took two years before we had any photos of all four of us. It may take that long before we have a photo with all five of us.
They break everything.
He can fix anything.
They are the craziest, loudest most hyperactive little boys.
We kind of like it that way.
She loses her debit card a few times a year.
He has never lost anything.
Nolan wants to be a skateboarder when he grows up. Or a rockstar.
She gets mean when she’s hungry.
He never gets hungry.
Some weeks we eat the same thing for dinner ever night.
We are okay with that. As long as there is wine.
He would like to have a garden.
They would prefer a mud pit.
She wants a pool.
We love being a family of five.
She still dreams of having a little girl.
We both know that’s crazy.
Raising kids is the hardest thing we’ve ever done.
It is also the best thing we will ever do.
She couldn’t do this without him.
He wouldn’t want her to.

A DIY, my happy place and in my dreams

I know this place that fills my dreams with tuberose scented candles, beautiful ceramic drawer pulls, brightly colored eclectic dishes and by far the most stunning, visually appealing window art installations constructed from all sorts of papers and wires and ribbons and ropes. Chances are you know this place, too.
The clothing and home goods retailer is filled with all sorts of unattainable things for so many of us to covet. Including this rhododendron lantern:
anthro lamp
It’s beautiful and unique and whimsical and….costs half a monthly mortgage payment. Ugh. Which is why I can only dream… or attempt to replicate a simpler, less expensive DIY version.
I’ll be the first to admit that this imitation pales in comparison to the real deal, but so does the price. I made this using three items and for under $5. It’s as functional as the anthropologie version (both are hanging lamps) but at less than $5 this cute little knockoff also works for weddings, birthdays, backyard décor, outdoor parties and summer barbecues.
Grab a paper lantern (any color and any size will do, but the basic white ones always seem to be the cheapest option), a glue stick or double sided tape or hot glue or rubber cement. Basically anything with adhering properties. Also, cupcake liners.
Starting at the top paste the cupcake liners to the lantern moving from left to right. Once you’ve finished the top row move to the next row down.
Keep repeating. It may help to put your hand inside the lantern to apply counter pressure when pasting the cupcake liners to the lantern. Also, keep the spacing between each liner to a minimum. You don’t want them to overlap but you want them to be tightly packed lantern

So easy a toddler can do it!



What I really like about my version is that this little cutie is durable and versatile enough to have made it to a few baby showers I’ve hosted and has always been a welcome guest. I just used our little lantern this past weekend for Stell’s impromptu backyard birthday party and it got lots of attention. I think the birthday boy was a little jealous.