Blackberry picking, pie, homemade blackberry ice cream–August is off to a good start

summer blackberry season
We had been talking about making a pie for a while. So after breakfast one morning Nolan, Haakon and Marshal walked to the park near our house to pick blackberries. Nolan was a great helper and picked lots of berries, he also helped take turns on Haakon’s “pacifier patrol.”
Blackberry picking
The pie was of course delicious. I think it’s pretty much impossible to ruin a homemade blackberry pie. Not that I would try. It was my job to put the store bought crust on top of the berries and it got stuck to the pan so it didn’t look so pretty but it tasted just fine. Anyway, the pie is gone but there are still plenty of blackberries. And since we have a birthday to celebrate tonight homemade blackberry ice cream is going to happen. It’s the easiest treat to make and the best part is it only uses all the healthy ingredients like sugar, heavy cream, whole milk and blackberries!




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