string me something pretty

garlands, pretty party ideas
Garlands. Love. Love. Love. Easy to make. Fun to hang. Can be used for wrapping and present embellishments. Can be made out of anything–paper, felt, fabric, food (popcorn, cranberries, candy corn), and used over and over again. I just really love simple little strands of pretty paper sewn together. In middle school we cut snowflakes out of paper and strung them up in the windows for winter holidays. In college, while on the tightest of tight budgets and faced with a grim, bleak concrete dorm room I hung paper chain garlands made from construction paper from my window so that I would have something bright and pretty to stare at from bed. And, for my first Christmas as a college graduate in my “grown-up” apartment I ordered a mix-and-match assortment of ribbon off Ebay (for something like $5.85) and hung them vertically from my windows, above my kitchen table and over the mantle. Repetitive bright colors and patterns of shapes bring me lots of joy.
ava garland:

geo paper garland in pink and gold:

diamond garland:

Triangle garland:

pink and orange garland:

spring bauble garland:

wedding garland:

rainbow star garland:

pennant garland:

red and aqua bauble garland:

felt garland:

rainbow pennant:

neon bauble garland:


2 thoughts on “string me something pretty

  1. Hello, I tried reaching out through easy to order a custom mobile from your shop and didn’t receive a response. I see you just welcomed a baby! Congratulations. Please let me know if you are not currently taking orders, as I’d like to place an order for my baby girl joining us in beginning of September.

    • Hi Amanda! Thank you for your interest and for following up with me. I did just have a baby and have been keeping busy with lots of newborn snuggles but I am still accepting orders and would love to work with you. Can you message me again on Etsy? I may have inadvertently deleted your message but if you’re still interested I can help you out with any questions and we’ll go from there. Thanks!

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