A DIY, my happy place and in my dreams

I know this place that fills my dreams with tuberose scented candles, beautiful ceramic drawer pulls, brightly colored eclectic dishes and by far the most stunning, visually appealing window art installations constructed from all sorts of papers and wires and ribbons and ropes. Chances are you know this place, too.
The clothing and home goods retailer is filled with all sorts of unattainable things for so many of us to covet. Including this rhododendron lantern:
anthro lamp
It’s beautiful and unique and whimsical and….costs half a monthly mortgage payment. Ugh. Which is why I can only dream… or attempt to replicate a simpler, less expensive DIY version.
I’ll be the first to admit that this imitation pales in comparison to the real deal, but so does the price. I made this using three items and for under $5. It’s as functional as the anthropologie version (both are hanging lamps) but at less than $5 this cute little knockoff also works for weddings, birthdays, backyard décor, outdoor parties and summer barbecues.
Grab a paper lantern (any color and any size will do, but the basic white ones always seem to be the cheapest option), a glue stick or double sided tape or hot glue or rubber cement. Basically anything with adhering properties. Also, cupcake liners.
Starting at the top paste the cupcake liners to the lantern moving from left to right. Once you’ve finished the top row move to the next row down.
Keep repeating. It may help to put your hand inside the lantern to apply counter pressure when pasting the cupcake liners to the lantern. Also, keep the spacing between each liner to a minimum. You don’t want them to overlap but you want them to be tightly packed together.wedding lantern

So easy a toddler can do it!



What I really like about my version is that this little cutie is durable and versatile enough to have made it to a few baby showers I’ve hosted and has always been a welcome guest. I just used our little lantern this past weekend for Stell’s impromptu backyard birthday party and it got lots of attention. I think the birthday boy was a little jealous.


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