Party of five: 50 things about us

pumpkin patch photo
We met at the gym.
She pretended not to have a crush on him. He pretended not to notice.
She swore she would never co-sleep with any of her kids.
We can’t sleep without haakon next to us.
We feed our kids chicken nuggets and quesadillas more frequently than we probably should.
We have a bad habit of eating their leftover chicken nuggets and quesadillas more frequently than we probably should.
He cringes when they drag dirt and mud into the house.
She’s willing to look the other way.
They like to throw food. A lot.
We like to eat food. A whole lot.
She struggles with a serious sugar addiction.
They, too, are fighting the addiction.
Nolan and Stellan are each other’s best friend.
They can also be each other’s worst enemy.
Nolan will eat anything.
Stellan barely eats at all.
Nolan is friends with everyone.
Stellan doesn’t like “the kids.”
He builds special forts and spends many hours playing with our boys in their fort.
They can’t help but knock it over.
Every morning they wake us up at 6 am. Every morning we hate it.
Our special breakfast used to be pancakes.
Now it’s blueberry pancakes.
She buys coconut shampoo because it smell like Hawaii.
She secretly hopes it will convince him to want to go soon.
He secretly hopes she will come to her senses.
She doesn’t want to grow up.
He became an adult the year she was born.
It took two years before we had any photos of all four of us. It may take that long before we have a photo with all five of us.
They break everything.
He can fix anything.
They are the craziest, loudest most hyperactive little boys.
We kind of like it that way.
She loses her debit card a few times a year.
He has never lost anything.
Nolan wants to be a skateboarder when he grows up. Or a rockstar.
She gets mean when she’s hungry.
He never gets hungry.
Some weeks we eat the same thing for dinner ever night.
We are okay with that. As long as there is wine.
He would like to have a garden.
They would prefer a mud pit.
She wants a pool.
We love being a family of five.
She still dreams of having a little girl.
We both know that’s crazy.
Raising kids is the hardest thing we’ve ever done.
It is also the best thing we will ever do.
She couldn’t do this without him.
He wouldn’t want her to.


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