Do you see what I see

One of the things I like so much about geometric shapes is their ability to be versatile and abstract. A circle is a circle but with imagination and a little paper manipulation it can be transformed into other objects, albeit abstract and open to interpretation. I was working on these garlands this weekend and couldn’t get mini beach balls out of my mind.

beachball2 beachball5 beachball6
Maybe it’s the mix of colors but they remind me so much of summer backyard barbecues and pool parties.
When I was a kid those little beach balls were scattered all over my grandma’s yard until chores were finished and we were finally allowed to remove the pool cover and toss our balls into the pool for dodge ball.
These little triangles I had originally planned to transform into tribal arrows which I’ve been seeing in prints, bedding, curtains and wallpaper.
I wanted to create a fun tactile version of the popular arrow design and as I was hanging up my finished prototype I thought about how much they reminded me of paper airplanes. triangle4
Or, with festive colors and patterns the paper airplanes are suddenly transformed into Christmas trees. They’d make cute tree garlands or if hung vertically they’d be perfect as ornaments, party garlands or window decorations.
With summer coming to an end and signs of autumn starting to appear (pumpkin spice latte comes out next month!) I can’t wait to play around with other shapes and colors and make something pretty and festive for fall and Halloween. Check out our shop for seasonal and holiday items.


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