It’s never too early for halloween candy…or free halloween printables

I got to go to Costco last week. When I say “got to” I am only being slightly sarcastic because it really is a struggle to go there when Marshal is off work. For some reason he never wants spend an hour circling their parking lot for a spot with me and then another hour standing in line behind flatbeds full of cheesecake and laundry detergent. Rude. Since I was there without kids I wandered around for a while and then I saw this:

halloween candy halloween candy1
I was only a little excited to see Halloween candy displays in August. I kind of really love Halloween. On another random note I saw this really cute candy corn! garland on Pinterest and I’m pretty sure I have to make it. It is one of seven candy corn Halloween decorating ideas from here:
Because retailers are already getting into the candy spirit I felt inspired to start thinking about Halloween at home. Since this will be our first year in our “All-ours-because-we-bought-it-and-I-still-can’t believe-it!” home I want to do Halloween big this year. (I might have started pinning Halloween décor inspiration last spring on our Pinterest account.) I’m working on some festive Halloween garlands to feature in our shop but in the meantime I designed a quick Halloween free printable.
halloween  printable
Just click below, print and hang.
Because…who isn’t afraid of monsters in their basement?


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