Glittery Goodness: DIY Argyle Glitter Garland

Mint and polka dot walls seem to be showing up everywhere. The Kate Spade inspired glittery pattern (in my mind Kate Spade brought polka dots back my freshman year of high school and I’ve been obsessed since) works for boy or girl, kids or grown ups. Playroom. Bedroom. Maybe someday boardroom (at least a pretty accent wall would make boring work meetings more aesthetically pleasing).

The gold polka dots and red bunting in this trendy little nursery inspired me to combine the two.

mint nursery with gold polkadot accents
This is what I came up with:
Glittery Diamond garland
I started by picking cardstock in mint, light pink, medium pink and gold. I added drops of craft glue in a random pattern to each piece of cardstock and sprinkled with copper colored glitter.
Shake off remaining/extra glitter and allow to dry.
Once dry I used a square craft punch to cut the pieces for my diamond argyle garland. (I sell a non-glittery version in my shop here).
Start sewing diagonally (for a diamond shape or horizontally for a square/flag shaped garland) until you have your desired length.
Then quickly and frantically clean up your glitter so you can blame the mess on your little ones. (That excuse also works for melted chocolate chips being smashed into the carpet, I’ve heard.)






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