Hunt and Gather

The internet. We spend a lot of time together and it never fails to supply me with a daily abundance of eye candy. I pretend it’s time well spent when three or four clicks later I get to electronically stumble into cool artisan/indie/independent storefronts full of original designs, inspiration and handmade creativity. It seems like almost every day I find something new that I love/want/and/or fill my up my pinterest boards with. It’s an endless cycle of hunting down shops, photos, styling concepts, tutorials, inspiration and gathering them up to save for future reference. Every week I’ll share one of my favorites in our new hunt and gather feature. At the very least it will make me feel more justified in the amount of time the internet and I spend together. This week I’m loving the work of Swedish shop and blog Fine Little Day. Their original art prints and whimsical textiles stay true to the timeless elements of Scandinavian design while still managing to be fresh and modern. I love that their designs are kid friendly and would fit in any little one’s nursery but can grow with baby and make the transition to a big kids room. Or a grown-up’s for that matter. I’d love to give and/or receive every item from this cute little shop.








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