Elf on the Shelf is hard

James 1

We are doing Elf on the Shelf for the boys this year, and Nolan is really into it. Stellan, not so much. He’s only three, but surprisingly intelligent and therefore skeptical of a magical but unmoving, plastic and felt elf who can bake cookies and deliver presents in the middle of the night and then sit in a stocking all day staring blankly at a wall. And Haakon, he’s not into it at all (but he’s five months old, so…).  Nolan is five, and the sweetest little boy in the world (or at least in our house), so he’s just about perfect for Elf on the Shelf. Except that he has questions we sometimes can’t answer. Our elf, Nolan named him James, brought the boys an Elf on the Shelf DVD the other night and Nolan watched it four or five times in a row and then asked us why James wasn’t in the movie. All we could think of was “Uh, James is one of the younger elves. He’s not as important, so they didn’t need him in the movie since he doesn’t do as much as the older elves. If you made a movie about our house, wouldn’t it mostly be about you?” This made sense to Nolan, who said, “Well, I’d have Haakon in the movie because he’s a baby and really cute.” “Right,” we said, “but you wouldn’t have Stellan in the movie very much, right?” “No,” said Nolan. “Well there you go,” we said, “James is like Stellan.”

James 2


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