Nolan, the photographer

We received a DSLR camera as a gift over the weekend –thank you Gordon– and Nolan wouldn’t put it down. He has always enjoyed taking pictures, and we find hilarious and oddly artistic pictures on our phones all the time. Some of his recent photos with the new camera are below. He has a talent for choosing interesting subjects and a surprising ability to frame things. All of the photos are unedited. Nice job, Peanut!

Stellan giving Nolan “the look.”

2015-04-21 004 001

Haakon’s dinner.

2015-04-19 001 001

Haakon’s diaper-padded butt.

2015-04-19 001 002

Haakon, the Grabbing Baby.

2015-04-19 001 003

Nolan’s bike helmet

2015-04-19 001 004

Marshal’s empty coffee cup.

2015-04-20 001 001


Sick Day Projects

Marshal stayed home to help out today, and made some new mobiles while the boys were at school and Haakon napped. This is a smaller version of our Viking boat mobile. The boat are approximately 2.5 inches long. Super cute! Thanks babe!

2015-04-21 002 018

This is a new color combination for the airplane mobile.

2015-04-21 002 001

Kindergarten? Already?

2013-12-01 001 001

Marshal registered our¬†oldest baby for kindergarten today. We can’t believe Nolan will be in kindergarten in the fall. It seems like just yesterday¬†he was a cuddly little baby boy.

2014-05-27 001 006

Now, he’s a goofy little five year-old who loves making messes in the kitchen…

2013-05-04 001 002

And going to the beach…

2014-10-03 001 001

And dressing up like a laid-back, surf-bum cop…


And just being a happy, friendly little boy who says all of his pre-school classmates are his best friends.

We love you Peanut, but you’re growing up too fast.