Nolan, the photographer

We received a DSLR camera as a gift over the weekend –thank you Gordon– and Nolan wouldn’t put it down. He has always enjoyed taking pictures, and we find hilarious and oddly artistic pictures on our phones all the time. Some of his recent photos with the new camera are below. He has a talent for choosing interesting subjects and a surprising ability to frame things. All of the photos are unedited. Nice job, Peanut!

Stellan giving Nolan “the look.”

2015-04-21 004 001

Haakon’s dinner.

2015-04-19 001 001

Haakon’s diaper-padded butt.

2015-04-19 001 002

Haakon, the Grabbing Baby.

2015-04-19 001 003

Nolan’s bike helmet

2015-04-19 001 004

Marshal’s empty coffee cup.

2015-04-20 001 001


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